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Floortech and Ferrero have a strong relationship going back 2 decades. When a production area of 800 square meters in their manufacturing plant required upgrading Floortech were the preferred option having delivered excellent resin flooring results in many areas of the facility in the past. These past projects would range from the locker areas and manufacturing areas to corridors and the canteen hall.

before resin flooring solution Existing floor area prior to new installation

PMMA flooring solution installation

Floortech installation team at work

After meeting with the client it was agreed that a Trazcon Décor Screed floor would be ideal in this area. It has a certified anti-skid rating in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 ensuring the safety of staff by reducing the risk of trips, slips and other accidents. Couple this with the fact that the floor also achieves a food conformity cert EN1186 and the client is secure in the knowledge that the finished floor would be extremely durable, low maintenance, UV resistant and have a high abrasion resistance.

Non porous resin floor

food production area floor

Production area after new floor installation

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