Anti-Static Flooring Systems

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Trazcon® Anti-Static Flooring systems are a PMMA based static dissipative floor finish which offer electrical resistance of 1×106Ω < RE < 1×108Ω.

Conventional anti-static flooring in the UK is made up of a primer, copper strips, independent wiring and an epoxy coating which requires 7 days for a full chemical cure. Like all our resin flooring systems, the Trazcon® Anti-Static system incorporates an anti-static powder into the seal coat, which gives it a one-hour cure time after installation, so it’s ready for foot and vehicular traffic faster than the competition.

Because our system is dissipative, it does not require copper strips and independent wiring. This complements the one-hour fast cure to accelerate installation and importantly also means that patch repairs can be carried out without the need to cut channels for regrounding, unlike the traditional system. The simple refurbishment and maintenance capabilities of our flooring make it the preferred choice for UK clients including Pepsico and GSK.

Our Trazcon® Anti-Static  solution is perfect for:

  • Service Workshops
  • Automotive Facilities
  • Electronic & Electrical Component Areas
  • Laboratories
  • Production Areas
  • Material Testing Zones
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