Industrial Resin Flooring Solutions

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We do not install domestic flooring.

For industries that require super hygienic, low maintenance and long-lasting floors.

Across the UK, industries such as Food & Drink, Manufacturing, Retail, Hospitality and Healthcare are under increasing pressure to reduce operational costs whilst ensuring their facilities are up-to-date with the latest health and safety standards such as HACCP, BRC, HSA and FSAI.

For the past 30 years, FloorTech® has worked closely with industry to develop and provide a patented super durable resin flooring system, Trazcon®, which is 100% pinhole-free, extremely hygiene and offers the lowest total cost of ownership.

Our patented formula is the only resin flooring that fully cures and dries in just 1 hour, so your business has minimal downtime. We also have flexible installation schedules and can work overnight or on weekends, providing you with the fastest possible installation.


  • 100% Pinhole-Free:
    A seamless finish for an impenetrable surface, zero pinholes for bacteria or dirt build-up. Independent tests have verified that FloorTech® floors are 98% cleaner than standard PU floors.
  • Super-Fast 1 Hour Cure Time:
    Our patented Trazcon® formula has the fastest possible installation, minimising production and business downtime. Other resin floors on the market can take up to a week to dry fully!
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership: 
    The toughest and longest-lasting flooring solution available. No costly replacements, we simply refurbish the flooring when needed.

Plus, all of these benefits

  • Anti-Skid Formula: The highest standard in anti-slip safety and certified in accordance with UK and European regulations including BS 7976-2:2002. 
  • Anti-Static Flooring: Protective, safe and practical, our Trazcon® anti-static flooring is the preferred choice for organisations requiring electrical resistance of 1×106Ω < RE < 1×108Ω.
  • Environmentally Friendly: No wastage during installation or refurbishments.
  • Custom Design: Attractive resin flooring solutions with a wide variety of colours, patterns and decorative finishes to choose from. Logos and graphics can also be added for branding purposes.

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What our clients say.

We would expect these kind of results from stainless steel.

Michelle Ainsworth, Project Manager, Dairygold.

Clean room PMMA Flooring

Our downtime was kept to a minimum, all BRC standards were met, and the finished product has proven to be both durable and easy to maintain.

Gareth Kivlehan, Liffey Meats.

PMMA Flooring Meat packing

The PMMA flooring systems FloorTech® installed over 20 years ago are still performing as well today as the day they were first laid and exceeds all health & safety requirements.


Anti slip warehouse Flooring

It was very important to us that our new floor was very easy to clean, impervious to germs and met food conformity standards. FloorTech understood our concerns and were able to tailor a floor finish which met all or our needs.

Beniamin Craciun, Facilities Manager, The Conrad Hotel.

Hygienic Hotel Kitchen Flooring

Request a quote

To request a quote, please fill out our form and one of our UK flooring experts will be in touch to discuss your requirements.

Or simply call us on +44 (0)16 1775 2942

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We do not install domestic flooring.

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