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Due to its durability, cleanability, safety and cost, FloorTech® has established itself in the UK and Ireland as the leading flooring solution for the retail sector. And it’s not just retailers – industries from veterinary clinics to the hospitality sector are ripping up the tiles and vinyl from yesteryear and replacing them with the benefits of a Trazcon® seamless resin flooring finish. What makes FloorTech ® the obvious solution for the UK retail sector? The evidence is overwhelming… 

Reflective PMMA retail floor

Easy and quick to install   

Thanks to its quick cure time and rapid installation, Trazcon® RS system is the ideal flooring solution for time-pressed retailers who are committed to opening ahead of schedule. That means retailers can: 

  • Focus on generating revenue 
  • Reduce downtime and its effects on the bottom line 
  • Upgrade and refurbish without disrupting business and trading time 


Hygienic supermarket floor

Compliant with UK Health and Safety Regulations 

Trazcon® RS system has a certified anti-skid rating in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002, so that the risks of a trip or slip (or more serious accident) are minimised. That means peace of mind not just for the business owner, but for customers and staff too. And that’s not all… 

  • Anti-skid coating allows the retailer to meet Safety, Health and Welfare at Work 2005 regulations 
  • Lowering the risk of, and liability for, accidents reduces litigation costs 
  • Trazcon® RS system meets BS EN 1186 Materials and Articles in contact with Foodstuffs – Plastics requirements 
  • Trazcon® RS systems are certified anti-skid rating in accordance with BS 7976-2:2002 
  • It is a ‘Fit-for-Purpose’ flooring solution for food preparation and food sales areas such as deli counters, fish counters, bakeries etc. 


Retail anti skid supermarket floor

Flooring that catches the eye 

Trazcon® RS challenges the convention that flooring should be out of the spotlight. Instead, retailers can use the Trazcon® RS finish to transform their location for the better. Compared to the restrictive, rigid tyranny of tiles, this seamless finish amplifies the available space, giving the impression of a brighter, more ample setting blessed with more customer-friendly ergonomics. In fact, the natural lustre from Trazcon® RS floor finishes can increase reflectivity up to 30%. As a result, retailers can showcase their products from the floor up, and provide a brighter, safer workplace.  

Reflective, Anti Skid Supermarket PMMA Flooring Solution

Pricing that reflects the full lifecycle 

There’s more to the cost of industrial flooring that materials and installation alone. Retailers need to incorporate the True Cost of Ownership into their budget, as in the “the lifetime costs of acquiring, operating and changing something.” FloorTech® guarantees that its Trazcon® RS system will provide the cheapest Total Cost of Ownership. 

  • All Trazcon® systems are renewable and designed to last the lifetime of the structure. 
  • They are sustainable and future refurbishment and upgrading does not require removal of the existing system.
  • Trazcon® RS is designed to withstand heavy traffic and frequent customer footfall. 
  • Reduced repair costs
  • Trazcon® RS system is easy to clean 

Reduced cleaning costs and minimal maintenance costs when operated in conjunction with a regular cleaning/ maintenance programme. 

Non porous supermarket resin flooring

15 reasons why your business needs a Trazcon RS floor system 

  • Certified Slip Resistance to BS 7976-2:2002 
  • Reduced litigation costs from slips and trips 
  • Health and Safety Compliant BS EN 1186 
  • Hygienic, non-porous, seamless finish 
  • Chemical Resistant 
  • UV Resistant 
  • Increases reflectivity by up to 30% 
  • Rapid Cure times with minimal downtime 
  • Very high abrasion resistance 
  • Monolithic Seamless surface 
  • Extremely durable & hard-wearing, capable of handling moderate to high stresses 
  • Superb aesthetics 
  • Low maintenance and cleaning costs 
  • Protective against dirt and spills 
  • Improves ergonomics & overall environment

Non Slip Retail Flooring Solution

It’s safe, it’s compliant, and it retains its value in the long-term. As if these alone weren’t enough, Trazcon® RS manages to integrate superb aesthetic quality into the equation. Retailers can choose from a variety of colours, designs and finish not just to suit their location, but to enhance it. Moreover, the flexibility and versatility of the finish mean you can make alterations to the colours, logo or design in the future, so a change of name, business or owner doesn’t have to mean a change of floor.  

If you’re planning a forthcoming project, talk to us about your flooring requirements before you go any further. Call us, email us, or request a callback. If you’d like us to visit your site, one of our expert surveyors will be happy to assess your resin flooring requirements and advise you on your options. For further details please click here 


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