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3 Types of Resin Flooring

Increasingly, food and drink production facilities are choosing a resin flooring solution. That’s because it’s tough, safe and long-lasting. Not only is resin flooring aesthetically pleasing and easy to customise, but it is also easy to clean, resistant to wear and damage, and equipped with anti-skid and excellent hygienic properties, resin floors can address…

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7 factors to consider when selecting industrial flooring

With all the elements to be chosen and specified ahead of each construction project, there is little time for architects, designers and engineers to become an authority on the types of industrial flooring available in the UK.    Challenges they may face when choosing a floor include requiring a quick installation with minimal disruption,…

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Choosing Commercial Kitchen Floors: 3 Key Considerations

Having the right commercial kitchen flooring is not only vital to ensure the health and safety of your employees and customers, it can also heavily impact your bottom line. Before choosing a solution, it’s important to know the options that are available to the UK market; the main three being…

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Which flooring is right for your veterinary surgery?

For years, UK veterinary practices could make do with vinyl and tile flooring, but more demanding conditions require a more innovative solution. Durability and hygiene are top priorities to respond to the growing risk of infectious disease, floor failure and the changing chemical makeup of cleaning products. As a result, UK surgeries…

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Does your facility require anti-static flooring?

Selecting the right industrial flooring for your production facility can be challenging, especially where identifying the most appropriate finish is concerned. That’s because there are several finishes, colours and materials to choose from, not to mention specific performance requirements to consider. A finish that meets the UK’s rigorous hygiene requirements for healthcare, for example,…

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Flooring is key to health and safety compliance for the food and beverage sector

There’s no downturn, slowdown or uncertainty in the UK food and beverage sector.  Recent figures by Persistence Market Research suggest that the food and beverage sector will grow by a staggering 5% to 2024. That growth hasn’t gone unnoticed. Regulatory bodies in the UK, EU and US have responded with even stricter health…

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The Preferred Flooring Solution for UK Retailers

Due to its durability, cleanability, safety and cost, FloorTech® has established itself in the UK and Ireland as the leading flooring solution for the retail sector. And it’s not just retailers – industries from veterinary clinics to the hospitality sector are ripping up the tiles and vinyl from yesteryear and replacing them with the benefits of a Trazcon® seamless…

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